Talking About Vaping To Your Teenagaer!

Well, their teenage sons and daughters becoming potential smokers is a big concern for parents out there. But in today’s world they are more worried about their teenagers turning into vapers which is a real possibility. Well, when vaping was first introduced a decade ago there was this impression that it is a safe alternative to regular smoking. But scientific studies have proved that vaping is not that safe anymore. There are concerns to be dealt with when it comes to vaping.

A lot has changed over the years. Recent studies have confirmed that teenagers are getting addicted to e-cigarettes. In fact, they start with e-cigarettes instead of regular cigarettes. Parents worry for the same reason. For the same reason, parents are not thrilled about e-cigarettes any longer, which is understandable. Well, all we can do is to let the parents be aware of the fact that e-cigarettes are not as dangerous as regular cigarettes. It is far less risky compared to regular cigarettes. But still they don’t want to see their teenagers getting addicted to it.

Facts don’t convince people

This is something we can vouch for. We have come to realize that facts barely impressed people or help changed their views. People are more inclined towards what they instinctively feel. Even if you send tons of scientific studies to the parents they will still try to prevent their children from using it. That is how parental instincts work. So here in this article, we are going to help the parents to have an effective conversation with teenagers on this topic. We hope that this is going to be helpful.

Facts alone won’t work

  • People don’t stay away from doing something because it is bad for them. That is common psychology. In fact, they are more prone to do it.
  • People always do things which they are not supposed to. But that doesn’t mean that trying to educate them is a total waste.
  • What you are supposed to do is to avoid a serious and stern lecture. It will do no good. If you lecture them about the harm it can do to them with all those scientific facts, it will be hardly effective. They will become quickly bored with that fact-based sermon. You should better avoid it since it is a recipe for disaster.

Can you imagine yourself in their place?

Indeed, it can be incredibly helpful. We have witnessed it. You should put yourself in their place. This will definitely give you perception which is really important. You can simply ask them why they are into vaping. Or you can ask them what attracts them to vaping and so on. This is far better approach than the former. They will be more willing to talk about it here in this case. When the conversation goes into strange territories you are giving an opportunity for your kids to roll their eyes. You should totally avoid that. When you understand their view point, it will be easier for you to come up with a better talking point. And they will be far more interested in listening.