Where Can I Vape At?

This is an interesting question for sure. Every other vaper is concerned about it. Well, the simplest rule you can follow is to take the lead of regular cigarette smoking. If smoking is allowed at a certain space then most likely vaping is allowed too. This is a general principle you can follow. But yes, it can be really confusing at times. Vaping is still not that common compared to cigarette smoking. Some enterprises still don’t have a vaping policy in place. This can only make things even more complicated. Well, vaping is here to stay and enterprises have to come up with their own vaping policy sooner or later. In general, you are allowed to vape in the area dedicated for cigarette smoking. Some enterprises have exclusive area for vaping as well. Well, we understand your predicament. We hope that the information we provide here will be useful to you.

Home sweet home

Yes, you can vape at your own home. No one will come forward to stop you from doing it. After all, you are the decision maker in your home. You don’t have to worry about the privacy at all. Vaping will not affect your furniture and other stuff. Moreover, vaping doesn’t produce lingering odor unlike in the case of regular cigarettes. Therefore you can blow huge clouds without worrying too much about it at all. However, we recommend airing the home before guests arrive. You have to do that much favor to your guests. If your guests have a problem with it then you should better avoid it for your own good. If they are comfortable with it then you can carry on. Vaping is not that common, so guests might throw lot of questions at you. You should be kind enough to answer few of those queries.

Vaping while driving

  • Well, in general vaping while driving is regarded as a bad deed. Laws are there to stop you from doing it.
  • Though there are no specific laws that prevent you from vaping, certain other laws can be invoked to put a ban on it. For instance, you are not allowed to use electronic equipment while driving. And e-cigarette is electronic equipment to begin with.
  • Same way, you are not allowed to block the windshield view with a non-transparent object. Vapor will be regarded as a non-transparent thing. This can land you in trouble with the law enforcement agencies out there.
  • It is important to be cautious about such laws in general.
  • You are not supposed to block the view of the windscreen with vaping clouds. This holds true especially in the case of e-liquid with high VG content. Therefore you should avoid it at any cost for your own good.
  • We recommend using a PG-based vapor which will produce less amount of cloud in comparison. Also, you should lower the window so that mist can escape.
  • It is important to be careful when you are driving. Vaping can be a distraction which you don’t want. It would be ideal to avoid it. Or you can stop the car to have your fix.